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    I have to merge fields in a word table from an excel db, with some conditions

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    I need someone to show me how to merge and remove duplicates from data in a csv file. Will pay 5 usd to do this and show me how its done in Libre office Calc. Thanks.

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    I would like machine learning classifiers, Supervised learning. Python programming and the use of libraries is acceptable. Datasets can vary, I would prefer the IRIS data set. Neural Network Linear Classifier. Perceptron Here Support Vector Machine Linear Classifier. ^^Two Features(As is a linear classification) ANN complex classification - feed

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    merge sort 1 day left

    public <T extends Comparable<? super T>> void sort(List<T> list) java SortTimer -p [login to view URL] 2 100 1 1 1 java SortTimer Usage: java So...100 1 1 1 java SortTimer Usage: java SortTimer [-p] <document> <sortAlg> [start] [increment] [steps] [reps] Test which Algorithms Bubble, a modified insertion sort, merge sort, and quicksort are faster.

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    Design a MVC where a dictionary data set is provided from a database to a Ms Word file which acts as a template with some keyword merge fields. Example: <<FirstName>> <<LastName>>. The app should create a new form letter for each record in the dictionary to be printed. The user should be able to choose the result to be word or pdf output.

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    A gdpr opt-in email coded up with the opt-in button linking to separate page that will register this info.

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    ...2 separate spreadsheets together, manipulate the data and then create a function to export to a csv file in a certain format. This piece of work brings data together from 2 sources which we will download ourselves on a daily basis: Sheet 1 (AH Data) Sheet 2 (PF Data) Stage 1: Importing all data and merging 2 sheets Create a sheet which has 2

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    I try to find someone who can using Matlab program to classifier and clustering some Financial data sets with high techniques , new algorithms , that can make the good results for my projects

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    I need merge 2 photos in 1 photo. I have total 22 pics and merged photos will be 11. Please see attached for example. Don't need any words on photos

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    My brother and I are developing a new building toy for children. Part of the product design includes removable stickers that change the scene. We would like to create 2 sets of stickers, one focused on New York architecture and the other castles. Each sticker set should have 5 or 6 unique stickers. Attached, some images to use as a design reference

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    I want to get a VBA automation created which downloads the data from a ecommerce website , with automatic login and downloads 2 files of excel and merges the data , and forms it into a specified format, and sends the file to specified group everyday in the morning.

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    Hello, I need a talented freelancer that can merge Unity3D projects into one. Currently I have several different projects with scripts of the same game and I need you to merge them into the main game. For some you will be using Unity Colab. You will also be responsible for adding game assets like UI, fix some bugs, characters, sounds and effects. However

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    I need to merge Multivendor with T-Shirt customization capabilities into a site (wp) I will use TeePro theme for tshirt customisation and another plugin for multivendor capabilities(maybe dokan) but im open for other sugestions Please bid if you have experience with these products Total budget is $60

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    I have three sets of data. Each set consists of two columns and no more than 270 rows each. I want to get the p-value for a subset of each set of data. For example, I ask 1700 random people to taste 250 pizza toppings and record their rating from 1 to 100. So the first column is the name of the topping. The second column is the number of people who

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    just a simple project .. select a video and add a frame to this video as it is shown in this file attached .. the frame is a image and after I save the file it will be in video format it is not an app to upload to the app store it is just a code in swift to learn how it can be done the file after saving show not effect the quality of the video

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    I have 3 business pages and when i try to merge them i got problem. Looks like my page is limited i got this error: An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages. Anyone know how to solve this?

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    I need to merge few excel files (6-7 milion of rows) into one file. It needs to be done in with macro/vba and SQL most probably .

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    Small piece of php code needs column array data merging depending on matching database values. The list also needs a priority order with up and down button.

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    The task at hand requires to review 100 photo sets in a Wordpress backend based on a detailed how-to guide. The review requires keeping/removing photos based on quality criteria and sequencing the photos based on a described sequence. Short how-to movies on how to process are provided

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    create 5 cubes set each set 1 cube in 6 colors

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    Hi freelancers. Looking for a Magento 2 expert to add configuarable products with attribute sets. If you are available 1~2 hours, please contact me. Thanks.

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    Merge 10 simple one-minute videos in one. Add pictures slides show with music on the background at the end of the video. All the content will be provided. Theme: birthday video.

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    Project involves creating Excel VBA script or MS Access DB to merge data from multiple excel worksheets to create single excel spreadsheet/report. Step-1: Data from single column worksheets: Eyx, Eyx-Per, Nda, Oop, Lab, lew, Fas1, FasX, Ver and Eau is merged into CONSOL_LIST. Refer to Step-1 [login to view URL] Step-2: Data in Columns L th...

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    The job is very easy. Take 8 Photoshop documents and save it as 1 pdf document. I do not know how to do this documents are here: [login to view URL]

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    Project involves creating Excel Macro or VBA script to merge data from multiple excel worksheets to single worksheet. Update the single worksheet (merged data) with elements from another excel workbook based on value match in column A. Please see the attached image of sample excel workbook. Data from worksheets: Eyx, Eyx-Per, Nda, Oop, La...

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    We are looking for a Jira consultant to help us combine two Jira instances, improve performance, and perhaps move our Jira server into the Azure cloud. Looking for someone located in the US.

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    We need a web developer who is capable to merge a Wordpress webstore and a PhpBB forum logins for the website [login to view URL] The sites must use the same login info. Then you also need to make a webpage which will allow user to configure their store account and also change some custom database info. I myself have set up most of the website and

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    You will responsible of merging several assets from the game including Project files from other freelancers into one united game Characters and object models Effects and sound effects Main menu and individual ui Reduce game file size and assets Bake lighting into the levels Fix any bugs with other projects and current game Make any visual improvements to the game The project will t...

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    Our business has two google+ accounts. One has lots of posts, the other has been verified. We want the multiple posts account merged with the verified account. VERIFIED ACCOUNT = https://plus.google.com/b/110970578842476922780/+BenRShullCPALLCKaty MULTIPLE POSTS ACCOUNT = [login to view URL]

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    Hello, I need a freelancer to merge some of my game assets, mainly character models, bake lighting, some logics with points, effects and sounds. In the fastest way possible. The project is close to be finished, it's almost done. Some models have already been added. Almost all game logic is completed. But need remaining assets to be added. Need this

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    Hello, i need a freelancer to merge some of my game assets, mainly character models, bake lighting, some effects and sounds. In the fastest way possible. The project is close to be finished, it's almost done. But need remaining assets to be added. Need this done in at least 3 days. FULL TIME programmer needed or team.

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    I have four word documents (max 10 pages per document), which I have in English and German. What I need is that someone merges the German and English version of each document to one new word-document with two coloumns. Left side the German version, right side the English Version with the paragraphs on the same side.

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    I need someone to help to make simple php script to merge multi page pdf files to one pdf file. I will share more detail via chat....

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    I have a simple excel spreadsheet and require two columns and multiple cells relating to each client name merging into one row. I have attached an example of how the data currently is and how I want it on the 2nd tab. This is so it can be imported to a 3rd party application There are over 11,000 records.

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    Input: two different sets of industry identifiers in Excel. Around 1200 SIC codes (codes from the US census), and around 500 codes called "TOL" from the Finnish census. Expected output: Key-file matching the two. I would need to match these two. Is is more important that all SIC codes have a TOL equivalent than the other way around, but better

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    I have about 8 tables to merge. The tables are the same: same structure but different content: in one group there is italian language, in other there is english. In few words, i have to add the italian language to english website. I think that is a simple thing for mysql developer

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    Kick off two sets Fabrication and Erection

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    I would like a competitive hourly rate for adding addresses to a mailmerge spreadsheet for example I might say I want care homes in London added so you will have to use google to find lists etc and then add - I need somebody competent, fast etc - see attached as an example

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    Hi! Okay, so not a fan of the flag inside the design idea, that flag won't look right. But we do want a t-shirt design still with the Montana theme! And above the design have it say "Livin' the Dream" and below the design say "Since 1996" Any ways to incorporate either the Montana flag or theme of Montana (mountains, etc.) with his silhouette design?? Tha...

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    ...'end-ns')) Easy task for someone who has experience working with XML daily. Please see attached samples to see the XML structure and output example. Size of files with real data: items - 120MB (to be processed serially) stock ~ 15MB (can be fully read into memory) prices ~ 15MB (can be fully read into memory) At the end, we would like to convert

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    Hi, I want you to remove this error from the project. Resolve it using TeamViewer. I will give access to my pc.

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    I have a spreadsheet from Google AdWords which has city names for cities it recognizes and then postcodes for the rest. I have another spreadsheet which has the city names for those postcodes. I need those names merged into the Google spreadsheet.

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    I will provide Excel sheet. You should have a good computer, at least 8GB of RAM and Processor 2GHz+. The task itself is very easy, most of the work is done by the plugin.

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    Cut and merge 3 videos from our suppliers into one video. Download the material from youtube yourself and cut them accordingly. Yes, we have permission to do so. Sound must also be merged and cut so it flows naturally. Redtronic, Get Redtronic logo from this video: [login to view URL] Cut video and use content from

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    - Find information on all chemistry sets for children, an average customer in Germany can purchase. - Use deep search in Internet using Google with several German keywords, such as "chemistry set", "chemistry kit", "chemistry gift set", "experiments for kids", "growing crystals", "science sets for children", "science s...

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    would like to merge two websites designs as one

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    Hello, I need a talented freelancer that can merge separate assets into one game proyect, fix bugs and create apk. It will include these assets: - Music and sound - Levels - Menu UI - Characters and animations - Add bake lighting All of the current assets will be provided, you just need to merge them. Must be finished in 2 days.

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    Create a template I can merge a recurring data set that has multiple rows.

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    Hello, I need a talented freelancer that can merge separate assets into one game proyect, fix bugs and create apk. It will include these assets: - Music and sound - Levels - Menu UI - Characters and animations - Add bake lighting All of the current assets will be provided, you just need to merge them. Must be finished in 2 days.

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