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    I need a some one to give me a solution so I can encode and decode using an MCU (Arduino or any other MCU) a FSK code a based on BELL 202 Modem standard, 1200 baud, half duplex. The solution may be a code or an hardware (frequency filters) and a code for MCU. If it is possible I prefer the solution with C code where only a pin and interrup...

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    I would like to hire someone who is a native English speaker and who lives in the US. It is very important that I sit alongside the project until I feel confident I have found someone who under stands exactly what I am looking for. That means I would need to send you my Excel spread sheet, and Skype voice in real time to talk about every detail to

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    Build a Software 2 days left

    ...programming language. The y86 architecture is a very small subset of the x86 instruction set which performs many of the essential functions of x86 and which is useful for teaching and research purposes. I've included a number of documents about y86 which has all the essential details about the architecture, including a chapter from the textbook for which the

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    ...assignment is to write an emulator for the Y86 instruction set. Implement a program y86emul that executes Y86 executable files. Your program y86emul should support the following user interface: y86emul [-h] <y86 input file> where <y86 input file> is the name of a Y86 input file, whose structure is defined in Section 5. If -h is given as an argu...

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    i need a simple app in android...1 page to display speed being transmitted through bluetooth to device. the speed is created in ASCII Language by the radar and i have the guidelines to decode the signal and create display. So in recap, i need a one page app that will decode and display an ASCII Signal to an android device that is sent via bluetooth

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    ...implement a function that takes as input a sequence of words encoded via an unknown Caesar’s Cipher, and returns a function that decodes words in that cipher back into plain text. You then use this function to write a code-breaker that decodes an entire document back into its plain text. Paragraphs are lists of words, e.g., ’((c l a s s) ...

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    ...implement a function that takes as input a sequence of words encoded via an unknown Caesar’s Cipher, and returns a function that decodes words in that cipher back into plain text. You then use this function to write a code-breaker that decodes an entire document back into its plain text. Paragraphs are lists of words, e.g., ’((c l a s s) ...

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    I need Decode / Unpack the link ([url removed, login to view]) code and leave it with original code. to other external links and that need to be Decode / Unpack as well

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    ...with qualcomm chipsets on the android phones. API must intercept and write Layer 3 data to log files as well as extract particular parameters of signalization in real time, decode them and send them to our application. Following particular parameters have to be delivered: - 3G/WCDMA: Band, Ec/Io, RSCP, RSSI, PSC, RRC State,TX Level, Neighbor Cell Measurements

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    Your emulator should read in a text file that contains only the opcode bytes representing the program. The file will be plain ASCII text file representing the bytes in either lower or uppercase (expect to see "30f4b8" or "30F4B8"). You can assume the file contains no spaces or line breaks, only characters representing the program's bytes....

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    This project is about creating a simple huffman tree with the given frequencies for the 5 vowels. Encode and decode methods are also needed.

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    Design and test a VHDL model for the instruction cache of a speculative out-of-order VLIW processor. Your VHDL code should have the following: - PC register updated on falling_edge of the clk to one of the following values: PC + VLIW_INST_SIZE, branch_target_PC, or EXCEPTION_ROUTINE_PC. PC register should be initialized to 1000 Hex when reset is

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    Hi, i need a Geosjon export. i need help me to decode geosjon outputs form export. after debuing i wont build new export with new format. (Correct geosjon format )

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    Hi Dimosthenis K. We need decode Ioncube page. Can you check my proposal? Let me know how to work with you Thanks

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    ...require Delphi developer who can write a small example project to decode Base64 image data and insert to SQLite DB. I can supply an external file(s) with example Base64 data, I require a small example project that loads the file ... loads it into an onscreen container (memo, etc so it can be seen) then insert it into a simple SQLite database. It is e...

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    ...between round trips. If you have worked with viewstate and know how to decode viewstate values I am interested in talking to you. I need a very simple script that will allow me to have a hidden form on a page that will post the viewstate content back to me whereby i can decode it and identify values from it. Something like this: <form method="...

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    simple program ...CSV & The output should be given in CSV CAPTCHA. Automatically should decode CHAPTCHA and add in to amazon page Please keep in mind that the features asked are mostly covered by sites like SYNCCENTRIC for $40/month. This is a simple program for in-company use, not a commercial one, so please be competitive with your pricing

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    ...devised a code that encodes UPPERCASE words by shifting their letters forward. Shifting a letter by S positions means to go forward S letters in the alphabet. For example, shifting ‘B’ by S where S = 3 positions gives ‘E’. However, sometimes this makes us go past ‘Z’, the last letter of the alphabet. Whenever this happens we wrap around, treatin...

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    Need working example Ended

    I need a working example using [url removed, login to view] to decode barcodes. Must be cross browser compatibl for safari, firefox, chrome on andriod, ios, windows operating systems. I will using either jquery or angularjs for the js framework. Implementation must support multiple scan boxes on a single page

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    I need a delphi script be able to decode a multipart/form-data sent in http post and received by an idhttpserver component. The jpeg image must be decoded and saved correctly. Must work on delphi RAD 10.2

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