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    install asm certificate on aws

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    In 1993, Digital Integration created a DOS flight simulator which many consider a classic. Tornado. See Wikipedia: [login to view URL](1993_video_game) Digital Integration's Tornado source code was released to Github as open source in 2017 and 2018. 2017: [login to view URL] (1993 original source code) 2018: [login to view URL] (modded source code) The source code is the 3D engine of the g...

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    Write an assembly program converting a 4-digit Hexadecimal integer to its Two's Complement. You will have to do it using irvine32 lib compatible for x86.

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    I have a AMD 3400G APU with Vega 11 GPU , 16GB DDR4 3600MHz Dual Channel NON ECC RAM. Mini ITX board with 32gb max ram capacity. Bios allows max up to 2gb lockable VRAM for Vega 11 GPU. I need Vega 11 GPU to gain access to RAM and allocate more memory up to 8GB to it using the BIOS VRAM allocation feature or Windows program but there are none on the internet so I need a programmer to develops a si...

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    android mobile based wi fi controlled text input and text scrolling rgb(pixel) led scrolling controller using atmega328 i need an app inwhich we have to give input of multilanguage text inputs, given text has to send to the microcontroller kit ( may be arduino kit ) through wi fi and the given text has to scroll in the screen consists of rgb leds arranged in matrix format. i need the source file f...

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    Looking HR manager for hiring for different profiles for E-commerce Startup. Profiles : Admin, Sales,ASM,ZSM, BDM, Relationship Manager, Financial advisor, Graphic designer.. etc

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    I need the game of life by conway in assembly language x86. [login to view URL] It should look like the animation on the right of the link (or something close, accuracy not needed). As long as the program runs and there is some animation (even half of what was shown in the animation is fine). Nothing found on github as it is checked for copied code. I need this done cheaply as well for about $50-1...

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    Shellcode can initially be intimidating; you can think of it as a narrowly scoped subset of assembly where you have limited pre-built functionality and must do some tasks by hand painfully. For this lab, you'll be writing two sets of assembly that will then be translated to machine code. You'll need to be comfortable with system calls and how to chain them together to accomplish your tas...

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    Pg 32-40 is needed for this project. I need pipelined RISC architecture CPU in Verilog. The instructions are 32 bits long. the register file has 32 registers, each 32 bit long. There are 27 core instructions and a 7 bit OPCODE.

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    I need a 64 bit operating system boot loader in asm and c. I just need it to load the OS and pass control to the c kernel named kernel.c. I need it to use nasm assembler.

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    Hi Asm S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    1. Four A-bit values are stored in register A. In the assembly language, write the program that you four values are met and the result is recorded in register B. In doing so, register A should maintain its own the original value. The sum can be greater than four bits. 2. Some 8-bit value is stored in the AL register. In the assembly language, write a program that counts the number of bits set (bi...

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    Assembly Language (NASM) 3 Part Task (each part must be a separate asm file): Part 1: input and output simple text in assembly language. Your program should prompt the user to enter username with data up to 80 characters, "Enter your username”, "Enter your password in 80 characters”... output the input with the following message <username>, your password is, <your ...

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    I have a task to be done within 48 hours, due to my busy schedule I need to someone with good solid edge 2020 experience (I am using the free version) you need to deliver .par and .asm files compressed as .zip or .rar Please check the component in the link: [login to view URL] Also, find the datasheet attached NOTE* Only people with previous experience/portfolio will be considered

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    Professional Converter from C# to ASM language.

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    I need a small compiler buildt in c and asm. The compiler needs to compile the [login to view URL] when it is finished. The compiler will be written in c, then translated from c to asm to machine. Not all of a regular c compiler will be implemented thats what makes this a small project. This is for windows and i use vs 17. How fast you get it done properly? What will be your approach? How will...

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    I am in need of file conversion. I need a solid works(.asm) file converted to sketchup file (.skp). The sketch up file must me 2017 - 2018 file for use.

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    C, C++, ASM, functions writing Hi, C, C++, ASM, functions writing ( graphics, calculation parameters, nvidia, ati function calculations, opengl ) Task: to 1 usd; Task: from 1-2~ usd; After few works, we offered more working tasks, for periodical and regular work. Write hear or in sitydata company website.

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    I need around 5/7 job objectives drafted for sales roles like.. Sales executive, ASM, Etc..

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    Hello, I have executable of a game with color for names inside the EXE. VIP in color, I want the color to be changed to something else and add a different tags with a different colors. I believe should not be that hard. You should know C++ and ASM Let me know

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    • Experience on Oracle applications patching on 12.2 with adop utility and cloning of 12.2 apps. • Experience on weblogic managed servers, node managers, domains etc. • Good experience in Cloning Oracle applications in single node and multi node environments with distributed, shared Appl Top and shared application tier file systems. • Experience in Managing Concurrent Managers....

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    Hello I am looking for an expert team to build an online multiplayer network from scratch without source strings from the execution file from the single player game. The out come from this project Transform a single player game to a multiplayer by having an additional UI for players to click on and have the choice of two data center North America or Europe, with mutliple channels i.e : Server 1, ...

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    Experience with IDA to extract security settings from Roblox's Windows Universal App to Golang. Example algorithms: [login to view URL]

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    So this project is only for some very serious Embeded system developers it involves programing of a PIC micro controller specifically PIC16f505 in C language prefered however can also be done in ASM but C would be preferred. Attached here is a picture of wiring diagram for the PIC16f505. the process is to be followed according to the circuit is:- 1): Once the device is turned on the LED_1 is on ...

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    Ihave a program that runs in Bochs 2.6.9 and I need to fix the errors and also add a feature. Please read the [login to view URL] which explain how to fix the errors and also the feature details i want to add. The existing files are provided so you write the code in the existing files and use the existing methods. The graphic feature is in c++ and it needs to be added in [login to view URL] to ru...

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    Simulation of ASM 1 in any program source, excel, matlab, gps-x lite for sequencing batch reactor

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    We need Dedicated Solution Infrastructure Engineer in our Ahmadabad India Office Technical Knowledge Mandatory knowledge  Hardware: Server architecture & components (SUN servers).  Operating Systems: Solaris OS, Linux  Clustering: Oracle RAC Clusterware  Virtualized infrastructure: XEN / OVM Soft skills  Proficient in English  Challenged to work in a highly dynamic and multi...

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    I have an online IDE project for assembly language. The assembly language interpreter is ready and working in js file. Front end webpage for writing the assembly language program and display the results is done and working. This project needs a few changes to be made in the front end in the way how inputs are read and needs html page re arrangements. I am mainly looking for the following changes:...

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    Hi Nourreddine B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. Build a 12x12 Sudoko game in MASM. A good looking board and a game that's somewhat playable. No need for difficulty levels and no need to enter random numbers at the start of the game. just a plain colored 12x12 board that displays errors when someone makes a wrong move and displays a message when the game is wo...

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    Build a 12x12 Sudoko game in MASM or TASM. A good looking board and a game that is enjoyable to play. Although, there is no need for difficulty levels. At the start of the game there is no need to enter random numbers (or you can do it too if you feel like it). I just need a colored 12x12 board that displays errors when someone makes a wrong move and displays a message when the game is won. This i...

    $172 (Avg Bid)
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    Build a 12x12 Sudoko game in MASM. A good looking board and a game that's somewhat playable. No need for difficulty levels and no need to enter random numbers at the start of the game. just a plain colored 12x12 board that displays errors when someone makes a wrong move and displays a message when the game is won. Due before the 15th of November. I need the .asm source file and the executable...

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    someone have great experience in firmware development, especially in cryptographic and security. Classical Programming: C/C++ cross-platform, Python, PHP, and others. Low-level (embedded) programming: C, ASM for a big set of controllers and microprocessors. Functional programming: Lisp, Haskel, Erlang/Elixir Reverse engineering: Radare2, IDA pro, WinDBG. CI: Bash, Make, Cmake.

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    I need to continue an already working project. The project must be running in Bochs 2.6.9. It consists of 4 tasks: a) Ask the user to enter the number of the sector they want to read. The following is an example of what this might look like: b) The user should be able to enter in a sector number and then the code should display the contents of that sector, ideally in both hexadecimal and characte...

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    I'm in need of a coder, proficient in C++, python, and/or ASM to debug a software and discover vulnerabilities in the program.

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    Hello, We are currently looking to hire developer's / development team. We are looking for some very experienced developers to create hacks / provide currently build hacks to our user base. Loader required - user can login and inject the selected cheat into the game securely and undetected. *Salary* Salary is all depending on skill we are very flexible *Skills & Requirements:* C++ C...

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    Hi Rahul B., as we discussed in the chat. Can you heavily comment the code in the sim.c file, test all instructions in the [login to view URL] file, provide the accompanying .asm file that lists the instructions. Most importantly, do the bonus section listed in the lab2 pdf file that implements the lb, sb, and jal instructions.

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    Dear All, I would like to request an innovative Assembler / C++ Programmer for the development of an innovativ Programm. You should be able to think out of the box and to create a new system landscape by using your programs and skills. If you fulfill the following requirements, please let me know that we can discuss: - ASM, Assembler X86 - Network technics - C++ - hardware technology I am lo...

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    -Attached is Source file#1 [login to view URL] this file is used to print to UART and will not need to be changed. -Attached is the Modular Skeleton file that needs to be modified in order to interact with source file #1 -After modifying Skeleton file you need to enter entry file attached into uart and it must read back yes no yes no for verification project is working. The Task In this project, ...

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    Looking for someone who can implement Machine Learning algorithms and make decisions and automate the task making it a complete AI. The AI will learn to play game(s). some video examples [login to view URL] [login to view URL] series (you should watch these and get a handle of how the workflow kind of goes like if you want that is) [login to view URL] Just another example of AI in action [login...

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    Hello, I’m Daniel from ASM, please reply to my post by saying hi to my company’s name. I’m working in ASMlink as a manager. We’re looking for some writers who can contribute to our blog as so as our business. We are getting so many orders as we are expanding our business, this position will start from about 2- 3 posts per week to nearly 1 post per day, so there will be a ve...

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    Hi Freelancer, Need to convert ASM, DFT file to FBX accessible by 3dsMax. Need it urgently.. Kindly check the link to check the file : [login to view URL]

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    Hello, I need script for WinDBG / IDA to extract functions callbacks table from [login to view URL] (32&64 bit)

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    I need Small amendment to current logo. Change the word Auckland to Rarotonga. The ASM to RSM. Plus additional ideas.

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    A program in assembler language or "C" to do the following: 1. On pin 8 receive a 15.625 KHz PWM signal 0-100% 2. On pin 7 output a unique frequency (Limited to 100.0 to 100Khz), proportional to the PWM in a minimum resolution of 255 steps. The purpose of this is to interface a PWM device to a PLC that can only interpret frequency. The output is not required to be linear, but linear is...

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    Hello All, I want a client side spellchecker for Quill JS (javascript text editor). The spellchecker has to be based on Hunspell ([login to view URL]) and: 1. Have a selection box for preferred spellcheck language 2. Underline misspelled words with a red line, 3. Be client side (probably in a webworker) and 4. Be really smooth. The dictionaries for Hunspell can be found here: [login to view...

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    We have a short section of assembly code that we have isolated that runs on a C167CR-L33M HA+ 16-bit 33 MHz Microcontroller C166 Core processor. Keil uVision will let you step through it line by line but what we need is an Excel sheet that replicates this functionality and lets you give it the 5 inputs and have it show you what it is doing as it walks through the ~20 relevant lines of code. We hav...

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    Hello ---------------------- What I have: ---------------------- An old program written in Delphi 7 for WindowsXP. Program works with a hardware device via USB. It looks like CUSTOM drivers were writen for it to function and everything works great on WinXP and even Win10 32bit ONLY. __________ Issue: --------------------- now days its hard to find a PC with 32bit OS and the program will NOT fin...

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    we want use sim cards for calling, send sms, read sms, phone book for numbers, and we run c code or asm for simple apps. nice mobile phones are from l8star BM10. small and fast. the source cide are in c or asm.

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    Hi there. I am keen on converting asm code from Windows to Ubuntu. With me, i have asm code of only 1 function for Intel cpu. If you're expert in asm, it won't take long to anaylse. The function is to implement simple cryptographic logic. Here's the source. Let's get in touch for detail.

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    H im Lloking for some one who can fix me some errors in y code base gradle The error is : Build command failed. Error while executing process C:UsersAalhaAppDataLocalAndroidSdkndk-bundle[login to view URL] with arguments {NDK_PROJECT_PATH=null APP_BUILD_SCRIPT=C:UsersAalhaDownloadscooln64-mastercooln64-mastermupen64plus-core[login to view URL] NDK_APPLICATION_MK=C:UsersAalhaDow...

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